Policy for author fees


All stages of manuscript submission, processing and article publishing are free of charge for the authors.

The Journal of Mechanical Engineering  does not charge any fees for the manuscript submission, its editing, reviewing and translation, publication of hard and online copies, preparation of metadata for bibliographic and bibliometric systems, as well as other services related to the processing of the article.

All color images are published free of charge in the online version of the journal. There is a charge for publishing color images in hard copy. Its amount depends on the volume and nature of the images and is determined individually for each article. For more information about this charge, contact us. The author can refuse this payment. In this case, the color images will be converted to grayscale ones for hard copy publication. Authors are not charged any fees for such conversion.

The Journal of Mechanical Engineering does not provide authors with free hard copies of the journal. The authors can order them from the editorial office or issue an annual subscription to receive hard copies of the journal.