Only original articles that have never been published or submitted for publication to other scientific journals are accepted for publication in the Journal of Mechanical Engineering – Problemy Mashynobuduvannia.

The authors guarantee that the results of the study, set forth in the manuscript, are completely original. The borrowed scientific results must be used with obligatory references to the original sources with the authors indicated. Excessive borrowing is unacceptable. The applicable copyright laws must be respected. Plagiarism is not allowed in any form, including unpublished quotes, paraphrases, or assigment of rights to the research results of other people. The author of the article must refer to the works that were essential for the research.

All manuscripts submitted to the journal are checked for plagiarism. For this propose the Internet services,, are used. Peer reviewers also assess the compliance of the manuscript with the anti-plagiarism policy during the review process. They can use the same or different anti-plagiarism Internet services and software. Based on the analysis of the results of Internet services checking and the assessment of the reviewers, the editor-in-chief or deputy editor-in-chief decides whether the manuscript meets the anti-plagiarism requirements.

In case of minor violations, the paper will be immediately returned to the author for revision. If the plagiarism is extensive, the article will be rejected and the author’s institution/employer will be notified.