Volume 20, Issue 4, 2017 (December)


Journal of Mechanical Engineering – Problemy Mashynobuduvannia

ISSN: 0131-2928 (Print), 2411-0779 (Online)

Volume 20, Issue 4,  2017 (December)

DOI:   https://doi.org/10.15407/pmach2017.04




Subject Categories: Power Engineering
Choice of the system characteristics of a turbo-compressor unit on the basis of the analysis
of its effectiveness according to the results of field tests.  Part IV. Analysis of the system characteristics of the GPA-Ts-6,3A-type turbo-compressor unit and the possibility
of optimizing its operation at the design stage

V. P. Parafeynik., I. N. Tertyshnyy, S. A. Prilipko, A. A. Ryabov
Prospects for the development of gas turbine technology on the basis of achievements
in the aircraft engine industry (on the 100th anniversary of the birth of V. N. Yershov)

V. P. Gerasimenko, M. Yu. Shelkovskiy
Subject Categories: Aerohydrodynamics and Heat-Mass Exchange
To the solution of non-stationary non-linear boundary-value inverse heat conduction problems
Yu. M. Matsevityy, A. O. Kostikov, N. A. Safonov, V. V. Ganchin
Subject Categories: Dynamics and Strength of Machines
Non-linear normal forms of forced oscillations of piecewise linear systems at super-harmonic resonances
B. V. Uspenskiy, K. V. Avramov, O. Ya. Nikonov
Equal strength hole to inhibit longitudinal shear crack growth
N. M. Kalantarly
Steady oscillations of a layer weakened by two holes, with the ends covered with a diaphragm (symmetric case)
Yu. D. Kovalev, Ye. A. Strelnikova, D. V. Kushnir, Yu. V. Shramko
First main task of the theory of elasticity in the space with N parallel circular cylindrical cavities
V. Yu. Miroshnikov
Analysis of the electromagnetic vortex-current sensor for a flaw detector with a W-shaped core
K. B. Myagkokhleb, O. F. Polishchuk
Subject Categories: Applied Mathematics
Mathematical simulation of heat transfer during fluid flow for a fuel element with a polyzonal finned shell
K. V. Maksimenko-Sheyko, Yu. S. Litvinova, T. I. Sheyko, M. A. Khazhmuradov
Subject Categories: Ecological Aspects of Operation of Power Equipment
Analysis of the factors of technogenic influence on the climatic changes in Ukraine
O. A. Nedava