Volume 20, Issue 2, 2017 (June)


Journal of Mechanical Engineering – Problemy Mashynobuduvannia

ISSN: 0131-2928 (Print), 2411-0779 (Online)

Volume 20, Issue 2, 2017 (June)

DOI:   https://doi.org/10.15407/pmach2017.02




Subject Categories: Power Engineering
Thermal and thermal stress state of the high-pressure rotor of the K-325-23.5 turbine at cold state start-up
Yu. O. Bakhmutskaya, V. N. Goloshchapov
Choice of the system characteristics of a turbocompressor unit on the basis of the analysis
of its effectiveness according to the results of field tests. Part III. Study of the effectiveness
of the main systems of the GPA-Ts-6.3A/56-1.45-type turbo-compressor unit based
on the results of its field tests

N. S. Shcherbakov, V. P. Parafeynik, A. A. Ryabov, V. V. Shevchuk, V. N. Raznoshinskiy,
I. N. Tertyshnyy, S. A. Prilipko
Electromagnetic radiations in the steam turbine exhaust duct
A. A. Tarelin, A. V. Nechayev, A. E. Khinevich
Subject Categories: Aerohydrodynamics and Heat-Mass Exchange
Convective heat transfer of a viscous incompressible fluid in a cylindrical cell with a conically deepened bottom and solid boundary conditions
O. L. Andreyeva, A. O. Kostikov, V. I. Tkachenko
Subject Categories: Dynamics and Strength of Machines
Solution to the contact problem for the plane weakened by a variable width gap in a non-uniform stressed field
Sh. G. Gasanov
Experimental analysis of forced non-linear oscillations of rods with transverse breathing cracks
O. F. Polishchuk, K. V. Avramov, K. B. Myagkokhleb
Improving the mathematical models applied for the solution of solid assembly constructions thermoelasticity problem
S. A. Morhun
Partial closure of rectilinear cracks with bonds in a stringer plate with a hole
M. V. Mir-Salim-zade
Subject Categories: Applied Mathematics
R-functions and chevron surfaces in mechanical engineering
T. I. Sheyko, K. V. Maksymenko-Sheiko, Yu. S. Litvinova, D. A. Lisin
Subject Categories: Material Science in Mechanical Engineering
Comprehensive assessment of the degree of degradation of the material under cyclic loading
K. V. Vakulenko, I. V. Biblik, I. B. Kazak