All articles are reviewed.

The manuscripts submitted to the editorial board, after preliminary examination, with a view to assessing their compliance with the subject matter and requirements of the journal, are blindly reviewed by peers.

On the basis of the received reviews, the editor-in-chief decides whether to accept the manuscript for publishing without revising, or the authors have the opportunity to revise the manuscript, taking into account the comments of the reviewers, and re-submit it, or the manuscript is rejected. The decision taken is communicated to the author, who is indicated as the contact person.

Review process:

The original manuscript is registered when the editorial office receives it by e-mail (registration date).

The editor-in-chief of the Journal or his deputy decides on the choice of reviewers according to the subject of the manuscript.

The materials of the manuscript without the names and contacts of the authors are transmitted to the designated reviewers for reviewing. Reviewing the manuscript results in producing reviews.

The editor-in-chief makes a decision on the publication of an article, which is brought to the attention of the authors.

In the case of a positive decision, the manuscript is transmitted to the editorial office for preparation for publication.

In case of necessity to revise the manuscript, the author is sent reviews along with all the comments and wishes of the reviewers without mentioning their surnames and contacts.

In the case of rejection of the manuscript, the author is sent a motivated notification ensuring the anonymity of the reviewers.

In case of disagreement with the review, the author may send a motivated answer to the editorial board.

After they make corrections in the electronic version of the manuscript, taking into account the reviewers’ and editor’s comments, the authors re-submit the electronic version of the manuscript to the editorial office.

The revised version of the manuscript is then sent for re-reviewing.