Journal Journal of Mechanical Engineering – Problemy Mashynobuduvannia
Publisher A. Podgorny Institute for Mechanical Engineering Problems
National Academy of Science of Ukraine
ISSN 0131-2928 (Print), 2411-0779 (Online)
Issue Vol. 20, no. 4, 2017 (December)
Pages 58-63
Cited by J. of Mech. Eng., 2017, vol. 20, no. 4, pp. 58-63



K. V. Maksymenko-Sheiko, A. Podgorny Institute of Mechanical Engineering Problems of NASU (2/10, Pozharsky St., Kharkiv, 61046, Ukraine), e-mail:, ORCID: 0000-0002-7064-2442

Yu. S. Litvinova, A. Podgorny Institute of Mechanical Engineering Problems of NASU (2/10, Pozharsky St., Kharkiv, 61046, Ukraine), e-mail:

T. I. Sheyko, A. Podgorny Institute of Mechanical Engineering Problems of NASU (2/10, Pozharsky St., Kharkiv, 61046, Ukraine), e-mail:, ORCID: 0000-0003-3295-5998

M. A. Khazhmuradov, National Science Center Kharkov Institute of Physics and Technology (1, Akademicheskaya St., Kharkov, 61108, Ukraine), e-mail:



The paper presents methods developed for constructing equations for various finning surfaces. The methods are based on the theory of R-functions with their subsequent implementation on a 3D printer and the study of hydrodynamic and temperature fields in the poly-ionic finning of a TVEL shell. In the course of experiments with various methods of finning TVEL shells, more advantageous forms of finning, so-called polyzonal and chevron ones, were developed. Their implementation is proposed to be performed on a 3D printer. From the point of view of universality, one of the most promising is the functional representation with the constructive possibilities of the theory of R-functions. Results of the study of the velocity and temperature fields for different values of the twist finning parameters are given.


Keywords: R-functions theory; Ritz method; heat exchange; TVEL shell; polyzonal finning



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Received 14 August 2017

Published 30 December 2017